Exclusive Artisan Sessions

Seasonal Artisan sessions are my exclusive shorter sessions held only a few times a year around Holidays or for special events. They are 30 minutes instead of my regular 2 hour Custom sessions. 

These are used as a way to get to know me for new clients and also a budget friendly alternative to my luxury custom sessions. They are scheduled  in advance and must reach the minimum bookings to be held. Information on where and when is posted on social media as well as through my newsletters, so be sure to sign up!

Artisan Sessions vary in price from $250-$350 depending on the venue/props to be rented. They include 3 digitals with either prints or Christmas cards and sometimes a credit or discount for a full custom session or products!

Spring / Easter Artisan Sessions

1.  Spring / Easter 

March is usually the time for these sessions depending on weather. Using the natural springing florals for inspiration. 

Summer Indi

2. Summer

Summer Time is usually schools out, 4th of July, Sunflowers and Watermelons! Everything Summer, even beaches. 

Service Name

3. Fall / Halloween

This is my favorite time of year and the start of all the holiday fun! Fall consists of pumpkins, crisp leaves, apple cinnamon, some spooky features and hay bales. 

Service Name

4. Winter / Christmas

As one would expect this is the perfect tree farm weather, and I have multiple farms I usually visit around the Metro Atlanta area. The theme rotates every few years, but I do like to stick to a few consistencies of a rustic holiday at the tree farm. 

Afternoon Light

Let's Work Together

Even though these sessions are smaller, I still strive to make them unique to you and your family! Each session includes a 15 minute consultation by phone or Zoom to ensure it's a fabulous experience.